Tannery Shacks, Trucks, and Trains

(Photo:Statue-Blue Water Park, Guadalajara. Some rights reserved by ego2005 .)

Nabor tries to provide for his family by working for his father on some tannery shacks. It isn’t enough and he decides to put his wife and kid on a truck and a train to get to Sonora where he hopes to find work. Hence, the title of this post! Enjoy!

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A Good Year

Emilia cares for my crippled Great-Great Grandfather Porfirio. Nabor plants a couple of bumper crops. All in the beautiful village of Miraplanes. Not bad for their first year of marriage. Not bad at all…

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Nabor Y Emilia

(Photo: Some rights reserved by katacumbas) Nabor lived at #8 Pacifica and Emilia lived at #16 Morello just a block away. Nabor can’t remember a time when he didn’t know the woman who would become his wife and the mother of their seven children. They started “dating” when they were ten years old. I put […]

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Fire, Gold, and Fido.

(Photo: Some rights reserved by Jcdubya)

This post is a collection of supernatural stories from my grandfather’s childhood. I’m just telling you his stories, okay. I’m not trying to convince any of you that there really are things that go bump in the night or anything, but lookout behind you!

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