Josiah Preciado is a blogger, public speaker, and the son of an immigrant father. After graduating from college and working jobs merely to collect a paycheck, Josiah decided to finally pursue his passion of the written/spoken word. His writing contains a lot of humor and sarcasm, with a few hints of serious thought. If you like his stuff, tell him so and spread the word. If not…keep it to yourself. Josiah resides in Newbury Park with his incredibly hot wife, Nicole, who supports him despite his bad whale jokes.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a new favorite blog…have book marked it and look forward to updates. More stories Josiah…more please! ~Grannybuns


  2. Wow Josiah, you are truly a good writer! Where do you do your public speaking? Very cool. You may not remember me, but I know you… and recognize your banner picture! Spent many a wonderful days and evenings there!


    1. Hey, Angela. Of course I remember you. I’ll never forget the visits to Ojai and singing to you guys with my brothers. Even if I tried my parents wouldn’t let me forget you guys because they talk about you guys (all good of course) all the time. Thanks for reading my stuff. As far as public speaking goes, I just preach at the Vineyard from time to time. Haven’t really gotten out there yet. Thanks again for the encouragement. God bless!


  3. so good to hear back from you Josiah! The Preciados– are the best! You all amaze me!
    I’m praying for peace and comfort for all with the passing of Tino’s beloved wife Sarah. What a hard, hard, hard thing. May God grant him courage for his every day, his every step. I’m glad you all operate as a family! He won’t be alone.
    What a treasure we have to be part of your lives…


  4. Heard about your blog and decided to check it out. Enjoyed your stories very much. Just the right amount of sarcasm. Keep it up.


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