Jazz Flute

(Photo: From left to right. You know. Just like how you read. Mom, Dad, and Tino circa 6 years old?)
Dad discovers that he has a knack for playing the recorder flute, but his dreams of stardom are crushed early. He also runs into trouble which leaves the streets stained Indian Red.

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La Esperanza

Photo: Some rights reserved by Robert Huffstutter.

La familia Preciado finds it difficult to adjust to the different flavors in America. Toribio builds a castle and then talks his way into his first job in the States.

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Wimpy Burgers

Young Toribio loses a bit of innocence when he discovers that his family is poor. He also is forced to learn English quickly in order to make the Wimpy Burgers that his family loves edible.

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The First Time Dad Saw the Ocean

How long does it take to get to America anyways?

Whoa! It’s going to take a lot longer with those in the way. Rumarosa? I hope we don’t go that high up. Dios mio! There’s almost no room between us and the cliff. What the…?Look at all of those car wrecks down there!

“Dad,” one of the siblings said. “Are there any bodies in those cars down there still?”

“Oh, yeah!” Nabor said. “A lot of people died right here…”

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Hombre Rana

(Photo: 1934 Diver some rights reserved by SA Water)

9 year-old Toribio ditches school on quite possibly the worst day he could decide to ditch school ever. He does this in order to watch a diver repair lights in a local swimming pool.

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Special Delivery

Grandpa Next Door recounts the daily grind of an ice delivery man and surprises his grandson by telling him of a trip to the United States that he took as early as 1950. Grandpa also outsmarts La Migra like a boss in this story…

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