The First Time Dad Saw the Ocean

How long does it take to get to America anyways?

Whoa! It’s going to take a lot longer with those in the way. Rumarosa? I hope we don’t go that high up. Dios mio! There’s almost no room between us and the cliff. What the…?Look at all of those car wrecks down there!

“Dad,” one of the siblings said. “Are there any bodies in those cars down there still?”

“Oh, yeah!” Nabor said. “A lot of people died right here…”

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Hombre Rana

(Photo: 1934 Diver some rights reserved by SA Water)

9 year-old Toribio ditches school on quite possibly the worst day he could decide to ditch school ever. He does this in order to watch a diver repair lights in a local swimming pool.

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