Hombre Rana

(Photo: 1934 Diver some rights reserved by SA Water)

9 year-old Toribio ditches school on quite possibly the worst day he could decide to ditch school ever. He does this in order to watch a diver repair lights in a local swimming pool.

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The Black Eagle

(Photo by Cast A Line)

This story focuses on Nabor and Emlia’s 4th born child, Toribio Preciado. That would be this blogger’s dad. As a child, young Toribio had a knack for getting into big trouble; especially when it came to playing with guns…

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Special Delivery

Grandpa Next Door recounts the daily grind of an ice delivery man and surprises his grandson by telling him of a trip to the United States that he took as early as 1950. Grandpa also outsmarts La Migra like a boss in this story…

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No “Smokey the Bear” en Español…

(Photo: Some rights reserved by Judy_and_ed) Mexico. Mid 1950’s. No fire-sprinklers inside commercial buildings; no fire-extinguishers; no emergency lighting/signs; no fire drills; no “Smokey the Bear” en Español… No regulations saying that you can’t use diesel as a cleaning agent because of its tendency to catch on fire; especially not in a factory environment where […]


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Ice Ice Baby

(Photo: Some rights reserved by charliebarker)

Nabor begins working in an ice factory where working conditions are less than ideal. And back then, that meant a lot more than having to deal with co-workers who put seafood in the microwave…

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