Crossing the Line

Nabor’s illegal crossing into the US in the year 1960 does not go well. I mean really…I’d rather not talk about. I’d rather you just read about it for yourself, if you dare!

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The Black Eagle

(Photo by Cast A Line)

This story focuses on Nabor and Emlia’s 4th born child, Toribio Preciado. That would be this blogger’s dad. As a child, young Toribio had a knack for getting into big trouble; especially when it came to playing with guns…

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No “Smokey the Bear” en Español…

(Photo: Some rights reserved by Judy_and_ed) Mexico. Mid 1950’s. No fire-sprinklers inside commercial buildings; no fire-extinguishers; no emergency lighting/signs; no fire drills; no “Smokey the Bear” en Español… No regulations saying that you can’t use diesel as a cleaning agent because of its tendency to catch on fire; especially not in a factory environment where […]

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Ice Ice Baby

(Photo: Some rights reserved by charliebarker)

Nabor begins working in an ice factory where working conditions are less than ideal. And back then, that meant a lot more than having to deal with co-workers who put seafood in the microwave…

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For one of my Grandma’s birthdays, the family decided to make a video satirizing Chancla-Time. A bunch of us grandkids were filmed panicking in sheer terror in my grandparents hallway, fearing the approach of the mighty Chancla. As the camera got closer to us our horror intensified. Of course, we also set this nonsense to the theme music from the movie “Jaws.” My family is a bit melodramatic.

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